Next President

Each and everyone who votes needs to be sure to visit all of the candidates web sites. Closely read where they stand on the issues that are important to you personally. If you are really concerned about our nation and the world, carefully consider how each candidate states their views and their plans to make a change.  Here is where you will need to read between the lines.  After all, they do hire speech writers.  And as you watch the debates and the interviews of these politicians, don’t forget to look into their eyes, watch their facial expressions, and their body language.  Their speech is not nearly as important as these things because they’ve been rehearsed a thousand times.  Outward bodily expressions are the most revealing about the people. Especially those who are vying to become our next leader and president.  They are human beings just like you and can only hide a small amount of what is really felt inside.
Each of the candidates are swearing that they are here to make a “change”. And they are stating this because they know that every American is sick of what has happened and is happening with the current administration.  Bottom line is they know what you want to hear.  As you take time (hopefully you will) to review their web sites, you’ll notice all of the stands/views are of the same idea and very closely the same procedure for change.  They are basically the same statements – only phrased different here and there.
Experience is of Great Importance!  If you were an employer, you wouldn’t hire the person with the least experience for an important – life changing job.  Regardless of age, color, gender, or physical appearance – You know you would want the person you could trust to get the job done based on their prior achievements.
Let’s try to remember that this is our opportunity as a nation to hire the person who will do the job right this time around.  It is Not personality, age, gender, or color that should win this job. But more importantly the one who can get the job done based on their history.
I know that I want a strong leader with experience, patience, intelligence, and one who has a conscience.  What are the qualifications you are looking for in our next leader?

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  1. Joy Said:

    I have to say, I’ve been reading a lot about the candidates but you are the first blogger I’ve read who reminds us to watch the nonverbal communication as much as we hear the verbal part. Brilliant reminder — I plan to have a second look at some interviews and debates and see if the nonverbal component changes my mind any!


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