Giant Rabbit

This is wild!  My Netherland Dwarf bunny is smaller than this rabbit’s foot.  Read the story at:



  1. Bib Said:

    Wow Thats huge

  2. erin Said:

    thats the easter bunny let him go! you bastard!

    • Anonymous Said:


  3. wow Said:


  4. Suz Said:

    I’d like to pick ypu up by the scruff of the neck & see how you like it!

    • htp Said:

      for your information, it doesn’t hurt them

      • mia Said:

        Actually, i do animal management, and you should only do it on baby rabbits, cause older rabbits are too heavy, so yes it does.

  5. Scott Said:

    wow that thing would love to eat yr head of u fat bastard

  6. Anonymous Said:

    YOUR such a fat bastard piece of shit

  7. Anonymous Said:

    can i have it?

    • Anonymous Said:

      wow Said:

      on Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 1:20 pm


  8. Anonymous Said:

    ok how much u want for it??

    • moses Said:

      man wat are u going to feed that rabbit huh

  9. bunny lover Said:

    i love bunnies!!! (can i have it??)

  10. Anonymous Said:

    so what do u feed him??can he still jump??HOW BIG IS HIS POOP??

  11. edtdhgdhdh Said:


  12. DR. RESCUE Said:


  13. shelby Said:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! THAT THING IS HUGE

  14. lola Said:

    i dont even think thats possible. a rabbit that size?

  15. Jessie Said:


  16. Anonymous Said:

    hes a big boy alright….but i have bunnies and if you pick them up by the scruff and they kick out their legs they can break their back

    • moses Said:

      true dat homie

  17. Anonymous Said:

    Funny how rude people are nowadays..BTW you morons, when you hold a rabbit like that, it doesn’t hurt them. You kids need more parental monitoring on your computers.

    • Lily Said:

      Wow I feel bad for your kids if you have any… “parental monitoring” haha! How do you even know that the “rude” people commenting are kids??

      • Jake Said:

        Yeah because obviously grownups can be just as rude! Calling people morons is rude so you should shut up! This isn’t “back in your day” anymore!

  18. popey Said:

    you fat bollex you shouldnt pick a rabbit up by the scruff of its neck!

  19. dfghj Said:

    Holy cajones! That thing is a beast!

  20. Anonymous Said:

    wow wish that was real

    • Anonymous Said:

      i loove bunnies

  21. Andy Said:

    Well you sure got peoples attention!
    You should support the hind end, so as not to hurt the rabbit
    You should also post the weight… that thing is huge

  22. buhuh Said:

    gosh give it some clove

  23. buhuh Said:

    i mean love


  25. Anonymous Said:

    AHHHHHHHHHHH GIANT BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Were under attack!

  26. Veiwer Said:

    wow big bunny big bunny

  27. Kat Said:

    wow. I believe that is a french lop bunny. They get pretty big. lol! its so cute! I could kiss its little noise!

  28. frank Said:

    holy macorni that thing is massive

  29. frank Said:

    i meant macaroni i also want to know how big the crap is

  30. buttface Said:

    holy buttholes how did you get that

  31. lolpup Said:


  32. Anonymous Said:

    wow that is SOOOO photoshoped!

  33. Anonymous Said:

    wtf y did u hold him by the fur with one hand…

  34. twaitlyn Said:

    wow!!!!! u people r mean there is nothing wrong with that. THAT IS A HUGE RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. daveo Said:

    this is a fake picture i saw it a while ago on the news. sorry

    • Anonymous Said:

      True I saw it to

  36. Anonymous Said:

    seriously. look at the guys hand, it’s obviously fake. his hand holding the bunny, in the second picture is blown up.

  37. cutiepie Said:

    hey that is kinda like crulty ou are a sick man by holding it by its neck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nightfox Said:

      OK, im really getting tired of al these “mean man for holding rabbit blah blah blah” comments. Look peeps, i raise meat rabbits. those things are nasty, and they will try to attack you. You scuff them so you can hold them without being bitten. there is a lot of extra skin at the sholders that you grab. it’s totally painless, or they will let you know.

      • Anonymous Said:

        looks like sombody gots some brains.good for u.

  38. mean girl Said:

    thats i a fack pitcure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw it on tv so you are crazy and worng !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel really bad


  39. KRAZY B!TCH Said:


  40. unknown Said:

    lmaooooo that bunny is big. is his poop big loool

  41. Anonymous Said:

    wow it huge lol

  42. Bunnny huger Said:

    Awwww what a cute thing I could just eat him up I hAve a bunnny like that 2 his poop Is like a golf ball but I don’t mind it his still adorable

  43. amelia Said:

    HOLY SHIT! thats the biggest rabbit ive EVER seen!!!! geez ! that thing could drive a car!!!!

  44. Durian Jam Said:

    That’s literally 10 times bigger than my rabbit. I think it’s ears are bigger than my feet

  45. Anonymous Said:

    wow that thing is huge

  46. skyler Said:

    Damn that mother fucker’s on steroids man!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. gumpy Said:

    just imagine how big his cock is!!!!! hahahahaha

    • :O Said:

      ewww wtf

  48. Georgie Said:

    I think it is very cute but it must be a handful?

  49. Polly Parrot Said:


  50. Polly Parrot Said:

    Did you know that rabbits are not rodents but largomorts

  51. fdgfhghj Said:

    wow that is one big rabbit

  52. Anonymous Said:

    u r mean to the bunny

  53. Anonymous Said:

    wow, thats incredible. i want one

  54. Anonymous Said:

    woow thats a bear

    • maddy Said:

      I know right it is so huge like a bear!!!☻

  55. anahit Said:

    is that a hoggg

  56. suzy Said:

    thats a lizard all right

  57. azniv Said:

    is thattttttt a thattttttt omggggggg wowwwwwwww a bear all righttt

  58. all right Said:


  59. Emily Said:

    The rabbit is so cute

  60. realistic Said:

    its funny how many people think this is actuly real

    • Anonymous Said:

      its funny how many people think its fake

  61. Flemish Giant Said:

    The rabbit is real. They’re called Flemish Giants. Google it. They are huge.
    I know they’re big in the UK, I’m not sure about the States.

  62. RABBIDS Said:


  63. Megan Said:

    my bunny is the size of its eye WOW thats a bigggg bunny btw its not a fake picture i saw him and the rabbit at a show

  64. angry Said:

    fat bastard picking a 100 pound rabbit up the scruff of the neck…how stupid can you get???

    • mia Said:

      Exactly, what a twat

  65. canny Said:

    Netherland Dwarf are suppose to be one of the tiny breeds

  66. Anonymous Said:

    it’s faaake. I mean look @ the guys hand even thats big ! He totally photoshop’d this !

  67. xrosmember Said:

    that would feed me and my 4 kids for a month

  68. Anonymous Said:


    • Anonymous Said:

      oh thats a great idea.lets let it go so it can eat us all

  69. Anonymous Said:

    its a meat rabbit…

  70. Kayla-Anne Said:

    Leave the poor rabbit alone!!!!!!

  71. KH Said:


    • maddy Said:

      IT is real they eat those kinda rabbits

  72. Anonymous Said:

    guess what im having for dinner yummmmy.i call the feet

  73. Anonymous Said:

    guess what im having for dinner.yummmy.i call dibs on the feet

  74. maddy Said:

    hi that is a big bunny but it is cute☻

  75. maddy Said:

    hey it is me again do eat the rabbit

  76. Terri Mumme Said:

    ok is that true to size or just smoke up my as??? if it is real …holy shit that is a huge bunnie w. what does it eat babies?

  77. Anonymous Said:

    My dwarf bunny is a quater of his foot and robet (the bunny) his story is is sad and interesting

  78. Anonymous Said:

    You F***ing bastard put it down and let it go

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