Real Meaning of Words In Pictures

Grab your tissues! (Especially where the dog is waiting………)

2010 may not have been everything I wanted it to be but thank God I am here to see 2011..  Some friends and family members are not,  I love all of you in different ways and have very special relationships with you which I truly appreciate.  As we go into the new year lets focus on each other and the love we share.  Life is too short to dwell on petty nonsense.  Embrace each other and lets move on to the next level and experience whatever God has in store for us.  Remember we serve an awesome God.  Let him steer the boat! Can you get it?  I did, that’s why I’m passing it on.   🙂











Best friends


“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass … it’s about caring and loving your relatives and friends while you can touch and see them, and they are still among us.

May you always walk in sunshine, my friend!!

Be kind to all you meet, each of us carries a burden that others can’t see.


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