About Kajuma


To begin, let me tell you why I use the name Kajuma:

I decided to use the name KaJu a long time ago for my artwork to honor my

Grandmother, Kathleen (Ka) + my Mother, Judy (Ju) and now I’ve added (Ma) to it to honor my Aunt Marilyn thus the name Kajuma.

I love all of God’s beautiful creations and I guess that’s why I started drawing and painting.

I enjoy many kinds of art and was brought up in a very artistic family.

I enjoy listening to many types of music but my favorites are the old standards. My grandmother used to sing me to sleep with these types of songs from her hay day.

My mother was a student and teacher of ballroom dance. And a wonderful singer. (I, also studied to teach ballroom dance)

My uncle had his own band and also has a very nice voice.

My aunt was a talented writer and poet and taught herself to read music and play the piano.

It gives me joy to help others. One reason I’ve started this blog, is in hopes that the posts may inspire, help, or uplift others to brighten their day.  The blog contains emails that I’ve received that I found interesting (some may be true while others may not).  I have not invested the time to research some of the emails that I’ve posted.  So if you discover one that is not true, please feel free to post a link to the correct answer.  Your opinions are welcome but please try not to be offensive.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll enjoy the emails and/or get some information from them.



  1. bibomedia Said:


  2. becky Said:

    hey e-mail me please i would like to know what kind of rabbit that u have here.

    Thanks alot.


  3. simon Said:

    thanks for your helpful tips and by the way do you have any remedies or cure for mouth ulcers

  4. memorysnipz Said:

    Very interesting! 😀 Is there any way I can contact you?

    • kajuma Said:

      Casey, you may contact me at any time – through my blog. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can. Thanks for your interest in my blog.

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